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Learn The Best Out Of Worst Situations!

Hi Folks, I am Anjali, and this is my first article on the platform. Through my articles, I would be making an effort to share my life experiences with you. I hope they will help you.

Why is life so unfair? Why is God so unjust? Why does this happen to me???

All these types of questions arise in our minds daily, but we never go deep into the situation and understand why the problem happened. We don’t understand things. We generally keep them on God and destiny because that is the easiest way to resolve or settle them. In this article, I will try to give you a path to stop asking such questions and start acting on the situation.

When life brings some challenge to us, we generally say, “Something is good in this, and maybe god wants this.” Do we ever think about my mistake, where we could have done better in the situation? No, right? Always ensure that whenever things go wrong, sit and analyze where you went wrong, where things could have been better. Please write down the possible learning’s from the situation in a journal/laptop (wherever you feel it’s safe). Whenever you are writing, ensure that you are writing your heart out without any judgments in your mind. Always write in a peaceful place.

Always keep these learnings with you and read them once a week to ensure that you are not making the mentioned mistakes again.

Now, the question that arises is who will think and act when situations are worst; the answer is no one. You must train your mind to always believe in a positive direction. This will not start with big things. Train your mind through small things, say when you are in the office and during a meeting you argued with your teammate; don’t focus on the argument focus that you and your teammate share that bond that you can say whatever you feel like because we only argue with those whom we have a bond. You will never argue with anyone and everyone. So, now when you focus on the positive side, you will focus on maintaining that bond and acting accordingly. Once your mind is trained in such a way, it will subconsciously work positively.

Make changes in your life by doing small things. Big things are the result of small efforts.

Thanks for reading !!!



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